Hand Sawing

Concrete Hand Sawing

Hand sawing includes many different types of hand held saws. Typically hand sawing is used for smaller cuts and openings where wall saws or slab saws aren’t practical or necessary. Types of hand saws include:


Electric, gas, and hydraulic cut-off saws

  • Typically capable of cutting between 4-6” deep

Gas and hydraulic ring saws

  • Allows for sawing between 10-16” deep

Gas and hydraulic chain saws

  • Chain saws are typically used to clean up corners from wall sawing or slab sawing to eliminate overcuts. Chainsaws can also be used to cut very small square openings through thick walls, typically up to 20” thick or more.

Hydraulic and electric hand-held flush cut saws

  • Hand-held flush cut saws allow us to cut flush against a wall, floor, or other obstruction.

A few common applications for hand sawing would include:

  • Small openings for HVAC
  • Some crawl space access openings
  • Cutting joints into sidewalks

JEM Concrete Hand Sawing

JEM Concrete Drilling & Sawing has equipment to hand saw nearly any project where hand sawing is required. We are able to hand saw through concrete, masonry, rebar, and refractory. Contact us today to learn more or to get an estimate for our hand sawing services!

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