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JEM Concrete Drilling and Sawing, located in the South Bend area, provides Concrete core drilling services in St. Joe and the surrounding counties. We focus primarily on the Northwest Indiana and greater Chicago areas, with a great deal of our work being for various steel mills in the Burns Harbor, Gary, and East Chicago areas.

Core drilling in Chicago is the process of drilling precise holes through concrete walls and floors, as well as many other concrete structures. Concrete core drills – also known as core rigs – can be operated with limitless orientation, vertical, horizontal and even upside down thru ceilings. Our drill bits consist of a steel tube with diamond segments brazed or laser welded on the drilling end.

Key Benefits of Core Drilling:

• Core drilling is the cleanest, most economical way to drill into a concrete wall or slab.
• Core drilling offers contractors flexibility and a solution to potential problems.
• It keeps the structural integrity of surrounding areas intact
• Core drilling can be done at any depth
• Precision drilling
• Very effective in limited spaces

At JEM Concrete, our combination of specialized equipment and efficient manpower reduce job down-time. We are safe, quick, and clean!

Typical Chicago core drilling applications include:

  • Floor drains.
  • Sewer drains and sewer tie-ins.
  • HVAC openings.
  • Phone, electrical, cable, and fiber optic openings.
  • Handrail and anchor holes.
  • Concrete bore for sampling.
  • Line drills for removing concrete when other methods cannot be applied.

As a veteran in the field of Chicago concrete drilling, coring, cutting, and sawing, JEM Concrete has proved to be a reliable and dependable contractor with its personnel and equipment always ready to tackle the most challenging projects.

Throughout the United States, JEM Concrete offers core drilling (concrete coring) and has done so for many years. Core drilling is a necessary step at some point for virtually all concrete structures – Whether you need to make an opening for a manhole, install plumbing or electrical lines, or to pull a sample of concrete for testing, quality cores are a must. This is even more important for our steel mill clients, for whom we drill cigar cooler holes, thermocouple holes, tap holes, grout holes, and bottom taps – amongst others. Thankfully for our customers, JEM Concrete’s operators are highly trained and have decades of experience under their belt when it comes to providing safe, quality work.

At JEM Concrete, we strive to provide the best service possible for all your Chicago core drilling needs. Our dedicated team of professionals is outfitted with customized drilling equipment to safely and effectively drill holes through any hardened materials, no matter the size needed. We are able to effectively drill to any depth, in any condition, even in tight or confined spaces. No job is too big or small for our core drilling services.

When it comes to our equipment and skill, we are able to apply whatever method is needed to achieve success for your project. Our Electric, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic drilling equipment is maneuverable and adaptable to meet the simple or complex demands of different drilling projects. Whether drilling by hand, using a stand, or operating one of our customized drills, we are equipped to handle concrete core drilling projects of almost any magnitude, while ensuring quality work every time.

Basics of Core Drilling

Chicago Core drilling is a type of service in which a drill is used to remove a cylinder of material, called a core. JEM Concrete utilizes diamond core drills in order to best cut through the concrete and additional material and ensure that the customer’s utmost satisfaction is met. This type of technique of concrete cutting is used in many cases such as but not limited to:

  • Walls, floor slabs, and ceilings for electrical and communication services, cabling, plumbing, or HVAC
  • Slab and roadway holes for doweling drilling, rebar tie-ins, or drainage
  • Recessed lighting and fixtures
  • Sample and analysis of material

However, no matter what the project is, the process to create the hole is virtually the same. In terms of the process, the operator first uses a small threaded anchor to secure the drill stand to the wall and then bolts the drill stand, which will act as a guide for the core drill itself. This bolting of the drill stand allows for the core drill to hit its mark straight on and make one smooth, consistent core – no matter what angle.
Once the drill stand is securely fastened, the next step is for the drill bit to be mounted. This drill bit can be to whatever size the customer specifies. We offer core bits as small as 0.5” diameter and as large as 4’ in diameter. If JEM Concrete doesn’t currently have the bit specified for your particular job, we’ll have it in a matter of days.

After the drill is properly mounted, it is turned on while water is applied as both a coolant and to remove concrete slurry from the cut. Pressure is then placed on the crank. The hand crank on the core drill itself drives the drill to the surface to cut through the concrete. Most core drill bits are built to accommodate a depth of 12-14”, but can be any length if needed depending on the depth of the core. JEM Concrete stocks a number of longer core drill bits in many different diameters. Also, if necessary, the core drill can cut through rebar steel, plate steel, or sheet metal (pan decking). Once the surface and existing materials are penetrated, the core comes out with the bit, or the core can be pulled out manually if it is found in a slab. From there the coring of the hole is complete and additional holes can then be cored if need be.

JEM operators are rigorously trained and have a wide range of knowledge and skills that can help with whatever core drilling job you might have. No matter the depth, diameter, or angle, we have you covered. So whether you need one 2” hole core drilled or fifty 4’ holes core drilled, we can help. If you are in need of the highest quality core drilling services, please give us a call. We will be happy to give you a free quote on your next Chicago core drilling job.

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